What a big month for this big girl! My hooman continued to take me along on all sorts of adventures, and I got to have lots of fun playdates with my PADS coworkers, my PADS friends, and even two of my PADS sisters! My hooman promised to take me to some big box stores. I was hoping for big boxes of kibbles or maybe some big boxes of bacon, but those never materialized. I did very well in a place called “Ikea.” Which was full of big boxes, but I wasn’t allowed to find out what was in them, paid close attention to everywhere my hooman went and laid down nicely whenever she stopped to look at stuff (which was a LOT – humph). I got a new elephant stuffy for my good behaviour, at least. 

The best part of my month was getting to see my sisters again! I had a big forest adventure with Scarlet – we raced around having a great time (or so I thought) until she turned the tables on me and taught me a lesson. The same thing happened a week with my little sister, Panther. And here I thought we were having so much fun! 

Submitted by: Cat