I’m one month older and wiser, but that doesn’t mean I have any less energy! The hooman took me on lots of big adventures this month. First, we went to the a place called the “VPD Stables,” where I met some VERY big dogs with clippy-cloppy feet (they’re allowed to eat grass for some reason, which I think is very unfair; the hooman says they don’t like kibble).

Then the next weekend, we went on a wobbly little boat to downtown, and I walked very nicely down the ramp to the dock, and marched proudly through the busy streets with my cape. We also went on an adventure to the Art Gallery to see some boring old books, and some weird art by a lady called Yoko Ono.

The best part of the month (other than getting covered in mud on our forest runs), was going to a big, busy place to watch some men chase a ball around on the ice. The hooman says maybe I should join the team, since I can hold onto a stick for 20 minutes (but I’m not allowed to chase things, so I’ll have to find another career). We also found lots of time for runs in the forest, and practicing our stool perches.

Submitted by: Cat