I’m a big girl now! On October 22, my littermates and I turned 1. The hooman threw us a big birthday party with hot dogs, cupcakes, and a special doggie cake just for us and our friends. All my favourite hoomans were there, as well as 5 of my brothers and sisters.

I also had some big training adventures. My class had a field trip to the Vancouver Aquarium where I saw lots of fishies and some puppies of the sea (my hooman says they’re called “sea otters”). They really wanted to play with me, but since I’m not a fan of the water I just posed nicely for some photos and pretended I didn’t see them.

Then I went back to the Capilano Suspension Bridge with my sister, Scarlet, and her hooman, and one of my favourite sitters, Allie. I wasn’t scared of the bridge, or all the lights and Halloween decorations – and I didn’t notice the Halloween fireworks, either!

I wonder what November has in store for me.

Submitted by: Cat