– visited an off-leash park (a few times) and a construction site (a couple of times)

– had play dates with Mr.the mentor

– had a visitor in the house (gr.5 boy)

– visited a school playground with kids riding scooters, playing basketball, etc. (a few times)

– watched a garbage truck in action

– visited Coquitlam River and Pacific Ocean (off-leash beach)

– walked on trails (on long line and off-leash, in parks, along dykes, in the Minnekhada Regional Park, with PADS dogs of both genders and different ages)

– tried Inter River Park and Sasamat Lake

– had her “walk and talk” with the cohort trainer (off-leash, in a park, with two other dogs)

– had an off-leash romp on a trail (swam) with 3 siblings, her housemate and other dogs to celebrate her 1st birthday!

Submitted by: Ella