Peach is a 4-month-old long-legged lady now. She spent her month mostly at home having short walks in the neighbourhood and a handful of trips to different places (PADS campus, PoCo community complex, etc.).

She loves her kennel, comfortable bed, and calming down with the help of chew/food dispensing toys.

She continues to work on her house manners and learns (being lured) how to properly perform “sit,” “down,” “perch,” “chin,” walk on leash and pay attention to her handler.

In August, she joined her friend Taurus in playing all the games he played to boost his confidence (for her, they were rather body awareness exercises).

Peach and her sitter do not know yet what to expect from the next month; we just wait and hope for the best. πŸ™‚

Submitted by: Ella