On the last day of June, little Peach met all 6 members of her new transition team, including 14-month-old PADS Taurus. The two dogs quickly found a common language, and we continued Peach’s socialization by visiting new places and meeting different people and animals.

Peach works hard on house manners, especially on not chewing carpets and not toileting indoors. πŸ™‚ The pup is very dexterous, intelligent and a fighter in all regards: she interacts with older (wiser) Taurus as an equal and bravely explores indoor and outdoor spaces she finds herself in.

Two times this month, Peach was taken to medical appointments by raisers of her brother Luigi.

She also had a couple of in-person training classes with other PADS dogs in two different locations. She diligently does all the homework that our cohort instructor gives us.

She loves food, toys, dogs, water, sniffing, running, shade and sun (sometimes).

Peach is loved by everybody in our family.

Submitted by: Ella