– had a dental surgery, was on a diet

– spent a few days with a new sitter 

– got a new harness (made sure it fitted well)

– visited a plant nursery, had a few trail walks (including around a lake and in the mountains, on a long line, with other PADS and non-PADS dogs)

– smelled the Pacific Ocean, watched boats

– got exposed to airplanes

– visited VanDusen botanical garden: tried the maze, drank from a creek, got counter-conditioned to the busts of three botanists

– walked on different surfaces, practiced “go-in” under benches, worked on “heel”, got lured into “roll” and “side”

– did not like the smell of newborn puppies on the sitter’s clothes (the sitter was whelping-helping a breeder caretaker a bit)

– had fun at the most recent in-person class – mock Rally-O trial

– played games with her long-term sitter, every day

Submitted by: Ella

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Bonus Pictures below

Submitted by: Chana, PADS Puppy in Training Sitter