Peach is 7 months old and going through a stage of adolescent fearfulness, so whatever she did in November was aimed at confidence building: her raisers cheered her up, rewarded successes, and exposed her to different sounds, animals, surfaces and people (including a statue in front of a high school). 

She grew up, so gets her car rides in the trunk now (sometimes together with her housemate Taurus). Her destination number one was her and Taurus’ mentor’s place where the three of them played together.

She got quite a few new toys and other useful accessories this month because she likes novelty: in play, mealtime and training. We visited a few places: walked in a park, got trained at a home improvement store and a pet store, and did some “default leave it” and “go in” training at a hockey arena.

The highlight of the month – a few days with a sitter, who introduced Peach to new people, a cat, and a dog! 

Submitted by: Ella