Peach decided to stay at her sitter’s for a couple more months.

She is 5 months old today, and her almost 17-month-old friend Taurus is having bitter-sweet feelings about her presence in his life: she is fun to play and cuddle with, but her dexterity may be a bit challenging for him at times.

She is also very different from him in how she learns (her sitter is still trying to find the right approach to her training). She is making progress with her “sit”, “down”, “chin”, “perch”, and “bed”; we hope to start adding duration to all of these behaviours in October.

This month, she visited the PNE, and Costco, had her walk and talk at Home Depot, watched some hockey, but most importantly, she met Taurus’ BFF – Mr.P the Great Mentor! We love him and his hospitality and cannot imagine how we would live without him!

Peach is improving her motor skills and getting better at house manners. She is very good at controlling her emotions (except for crazy witching hours), learning from Taurus to like humans, and will do anything for her GI-kibble. She has not decided yet what type of dog toys she prefers.

Submitted by: Ella