Pear is GROWING – both in size and personality! This month she had an adventure: her first plane trip. She did so fabulous and immediately curled up as small as she could and was quiet and well behaved for the whole flight. She did great walking through the airport and going through security. She was very brave with all the new sights and sounds.

She’s been working on so many things and she loves to learn and do her training. She is doing really well at her “bed” command and thinks of it as her home base. We are working hard at not eating food off the ground. She is great at this during mealtimes and training and we are now expanding this to out of the house by dropping food randomly (this is a really hard one as food is so yummy).


She is working on her loose leash walking, very hard for a social girl that loves people and dogs but she is doing really well. She cheers people up and makes friends wherever she goes. She loves to play all sorts of games and catches on so quickly to everything we do.

Her nemesis at the moment is the car. She does not like that! I think she feels car sick. We try and go for a drive every day and we are working hard getting her to jump in and out with lots of treats and encouragement. But so far no treat is delicious enough to get in the car for! But she will get this one, I’m sure!

She loves her big brother Huey and the two of them love to train together and run through the forest. She has a spectacular recall in the woods so we have lots of fun. She’s a fabulous pup.

Submitted By: Dave Welsh & Jennifer Harris