Pear arrived In February full of joy and bounce. She took a couple of days to settle into her new home and then there was no stopping her.

She is confident and curious. She immediately fell in love with her big brother Huey and enjoys sneak attacking him from under a chair whenever possible. She is having fun learning about her environment, practicing moving on different surfaces and over obstacles.

She loves her food so loves all her training times. Pear loves to be included in all activities so has been enjoying her walks on the golf course. She has a specially fashioned buggy that she hops into when she gets tired and transforms into Princess Pear as she rides along. She is learning to walk nicely and wait patiently and not to lunge towards Huey.

She is a sweet happy girl that loves to cuddle and play. She is doing well at her initial commands and has great recall.

Submitted By: Jennifer Harris