Pear has been having a fun summer. She survived the heat wave with a little time in the ocean and a little time under a wet towel. Pear loves everything, people, dogs, toys, she is high energy! She knows that sitting quietly on her bed often earns rewards so she flies onto her bed and then lies perfectly still looking hopeful. She’s such a sweet girl. She’s very affectionate and loves doing her “ work”. She’s getting much better at getting in the car. We’ve been working a lot of retrieve and bring me, with her ball. She has a jaw condition that we are hoping improves by carrying a ball so we play a lot of games to encourage her keeping a ball in her mouth. She still needs lots of work with loose leash walking, especially in high distraction areas. She’s loved by all and still a huge hit at the Bowen golf club where she walks calmly and practices her duration for sits and downs.

Submitted by: Jennifer Harris