June has been a whirlwind of activities. We were farm-sitting again. It is a great place to train organically and doesn’t even feel like work. For example, I have to hold my down or my sit for the entire time it takes Teri to turn the horses out as it is not safe for pups to be in the paddocks and pastures with the horses. I got to help with the farm chores; filling the water trough was my favourite activity. If I don’t get over-excited about the hose at the end, I get to run through the spray, and I love that. 

The downside is the muck, which results in bath time with Halo and Folie. When we get home, our faces say it all. I had some walks with my buddies. We are all very good at holding our sits before we run and play, not to mention great check-ins and rocket recalls. 

These adventures rounded out nicely with some lovely lunch dates with friends.

Submitted by: Teri Banks