I got to take the sky train & see a hockey game in Feb. It was so fascinating that I kept watching the hockey game and paying attention to people’s conversations. Mom also prepared some yummy frozen kongs for me to enjoy during the game. I didn’t mind the loud noises there at all. Mom said I did great. We watched for two periods only as I didn’t sleep at all while we were there. I am still learning to do BG in different environments as I am not used to the big streets downtown. I waited until I got home to pee in the yard, even though mom kept trying on the way home.

Mom also took me to attend a breakfast seminar at a hotel. I heard people talking about resilience in business there. I didn’t know mom has to learn about being resilient like me.

So far, I bounce back quickly when I get distracted by other dogs.

Submitted by: Yin Pang