Yay, guess what? I went back to my super-duper favourite sitters! It was sooo much fun because Mom was doing grown-up stuff. They even threw me a late birthday party! I got to pick a toy and chose the coolest Orca ever! It’s mega soft, and I snooze with it every night. But, oh no, some fluff’s popping out from its tail. I tried to fix it, really I did, but now it’s like a fluffy snowstorm all over our house. Oopsie!

My sitter’s day is crazy different from Mom’s. Every day is a car adventure – we zip around, dropping off and picking up kiddos. And guess what? We eat out sometimes, too! I’ve been to places I never even knew existed. My sitter’s like a night owl, staying up till midnight, and I’m like, “Hey, can we hit the hay earlier, please?” But nope, they’re all, “Be a good pup and stay up late!” I’m like, “Okay if you say so!”

So yeah, my sitting life is a blast, even if Orca’s fluff is on the loose, and bedtime is fashionably late!

Submitted by: Doris and Kin