It has been an interesting month. I love to cuddle with my brother Dean! 

I celebrated the New Year in my kennel fast asleep! I had many encounters outside of the house this past month. I went out to breakfast and lay nice and quiet under the table. I love going to the mall and really love to see all the nice people there, but I am not allowed to go and play with them! 

I don’t really like the car, but am slowly getting better at getting in the car. Once I am in the car, I usually fall asleep. My brother from another mother got sick, so I went to a sitter for several days, where I had a great time! She took me to a couple of short work days (never been to work before), and she had two children I got to play and cuddle with! I loved that! 

Next month holds new adventures, so stay tuned!

Submitted by: Karen Mayo