August slipped away really quickly – well, that’s how raised human feels. 

I started August in Calgary and spent time with a wonderful Calgary sitter and a bunch of fun PADS friends. Then when human was back, we packed up the car and headed on a road trip – only to end up needing rescue an hour out of Calgary, so our plans changed. 

We returned to Vancouver, and the human and I went on some walks and adventures before I was off to visit my favourite sitter human, for a weekend. 

I also went on my first backpacking trip this August, and we slept in a fire lookout. I handled this new environment super well, even the really steep ladder stairs and high-up walkways. I was a very confident girl. 

Overall, human is very proud of how well I am doing, and she can’t wait to see where I go next. 

Submitted by: Chantelle