This month was very exciting. 

It started off pretty normal, like any month we did our go to work thing and training sessions, but then I got to go to Calgary again and visit some four-legged friends. One used to live with my current raiser – her name is Pumpkin, and she is wonderful. 

On my trip to Calgary, I experienced some seriously cold temperatures, so I’m told. To be honest, I didn’t really seem to be phased by this. I think I like cold more than rain! I also went cross country skiing and bowling. I also got to visit a sitter in Calgary and meet some lovely other PADS dogs. 

On top of all this, I showed my raiser how all-around calm and confident I am. She was really impressed and at no point felt any stress despite taking me all over with her! 

My ability to settle in a public setting, loud or exciting, is unbelievable, and my social abilities with dogs and humans alike are very impressive, according to my raiser! She’s very impressed with me!

Submitted by: Chantelle Jaques