Pinto has been a super good girl for her sitters this month (of course!) She has such a sunny personality, is smart and keen to learn, and is the perfect balance of fun and cuddly!

She’s been enjoying walks by the river, and back at home, we’ve been working on polishing her already-excellent house manners, focusing on impulse control, waiting at thresholds and settling on a bed in various locations. When chilling out at home, she loves to play and cuddle, and of course, she’s always happy to indulge in some Benebone chewing or a frozen Kong. 

Pinto settles excellently at home but is a little less okay in public places. She’s sometimes reluctant to ‘go in,’ often popping back up for a little extra ‘encouragement’ (read, treats!), so we’ve been trying to help her with that. She’s also been improving her toileting on different surfaces, which she tends to be a little particular about but is now doing really well with. 

Thanks to everyone on the team who has been helping care for Pinto these last couple of months, and well done to Pinto for handling the changes in routine like the sweet little rockstar she is! 

Advanced training location: West Coast

Submitted by: Erica, Advanced Training Sitter