This month was filled with a bunch of adventures. One, in particular, was quite interesting. 

My raiser turned one year older, and her family insisted she come home, so onboard a giant metal tube, we went. It made some loud noises, and I’m told floated in the air to a new location. I mostly just laid on the ground sleeping. The exciting part for me was arriving at a home with not one but two others pups. And one that the raiser used to raise, so she wanted to play with me lots and taught me her tug technique. 

I also learnt how to settle around other dogs, which was a challenge and is still an area we’re working on daily. 

I also experienced my first snowfall, and I think I prefer snow over the rain. 

At one point this month, I went to a big dinner party, and there was food at eye level and ground level, but the raiser was impressed when I made the right choice to not indulge in the food and instead came to sleep beside her on my bed. 

I also got to meet my raisers’ second puppy she raised, and we had lots of fun playing too! 

Overall I’m doing quite well, and my raiser is very impressed with my choices. Even though I’m showing some slight adolescent behaviour, I’m still a very good girl indeed! 

Submitted by: Chantelle