Pyxis has had another awesome month! He has become significantly more dog distracted in April. It’s like he forgets everything he ever knew when there is another dog around! We have been stopping on walks and waiting while dogs pass by to practice self-control which has been a good start. But, this weekend, PADS Bruno came to stay from Friday to Sunday night. This has been an awesome opportunity to practice and to have consistent exposure to another dog! Both pups (Bruno is the same age as Pyxis) have benefitted from having to stay on their own bed in the living room with another 11-month-old pup close by. Their ability to go to their bed and stay and their duration has extended so much in just a short few days!

They have also loved their time at the off-leash park together, running around to visit dogs as a pair, looking like littermates! They are hard to tell apart, except by their collar colour!

Submitted by: Dana and Jay & Family