Pyxis has increased in his “dog distractibility” in the past month so has not been able to continue going to the off-leash park anymore. He is just so exuberant and excited to play with and be with other dogs, he can’t stop himself – he’s like a train with no breaks! We’ve increased his walks and started exploring new areas of Cochrane on fun walks. Pyxis was overexcited about these new walks, especially trails where there had been other dogs and wild animals but as we practiced more and more, he has learned to be calm and walk on a loose leash again.

At Kindergarten, Pyxis was introduced to the ducklings and chicks we hatched. He was very interested in them. Pyxis said goodbye to the Kindergarteners in June and will say hello to a new group of kids in September!

Submitted by: Dana and Jay Stephenson & Family