This was Pyxis’ last month with us! He had an awesome month bonding and playing with Taber, our new PADS pup from the AB Towns Litter who arrived on Thanksgiving Weekend. Pyxis was over-excited and too amped up at first when trying to play with Taber, but after a few days and some guidance, Pyxis was able to play gently with Taber.

Taber followed Pyxis around and did everything he did! Pyxis was an awesome teacher and example for the new little 8-week-old Taber. Pyxis enjoyed his last month of coming to Kindergarten and had many hugs and kisses goodbye from the kids. 

On to his next adventure – Advanced Training! We are so excited to see what the next chapter holds for Pyxis!!!

Submitted by: Dana and Jay & Family