This month Queso got a new PADS buddy, Mulligan. She came to stay with us for a few weeks! Together they got up to lots of fun things such as public outings to MEC, Bass Pro Shops, Canadian Tire, Costco, and Superstore. They are the dream team, and Queso liked to show off his skills. We also did lots of off-leash walks and let them just be dogs! Some of their favourite places to walk are Bragg Creek, Nose Hill, Discovery, and walks around our busy neighbourhood. 

This month we have been focusing more on fine-tuning the skills that he already knows and testing him a bit to see if he actually understands what is being asked of him. He is such a cool guy and is up for anything! He loves to put on his cape and “go to work.” Next month we are going to start focusing on building more duration in the skills he knows and also adding in a few new things, such as building a nice retrieve. Way to go buddy! 

Submitted by: Amy Barnett