This month has been a mixture of beautiful weather and heavy rains. We have spent beautiful days outside practicing our swimming to cool off. On rainy days, we take the training indoors and have been fine-tuning our skills in public. Queso is such an easy dog to have in public – he is confident, and nothing seems to bother him. 

We have focused mainly on working on our skills while the handler is seated. This includes sides, heels, sit/down/stands, dressing into and out of cape, and moving out of the way of a moving chair. Queso attended a PADS event this month: the family fun day at Rotary Challenger Park. He met all kinds of people and saw some clowns and other strange-looking characters. He did awesomely – and got to show off his “chin” command to all the kids. When not working, Queso enjoys just being a dog and getting to run around with his dog friends. 

Submitted by: Amy Barnett