This month we have been enjoying the nice weather and spending lots of time training and playing outside. Queso has been hiking and swimming a ton this month, and spending his days “off” in the mountains. He is pretty much up for anything as long as it includes snacks and friends (which it always does!).

Now that Queso is well over a year old, he can sometimes struggle with his “boy feelings” so we have been practicing lots of engagement work and proper/polite “go say hi” to the beautiful ladies. He is a very nice boy, and tries really hard to impress even in spite of his feelings. We have also been out in public quite a bit too – working on fine tuning our skills. His sides and heels are coming along quite nicely, and his “chin” will always be a crowd pleaser. Next month we are going to work on some more parts to a retrieve, as well as working around a chair.

Submitted by: Amy Barnett