Congratulations to Queso for finding a job and being matched with a client! This has been a very exciting and fun month for Queso. He is learning all kinds of fun client-specific tasks to prepare him for life with his client better. He is such a fun dog to work with and is up for learning anything! His client has shown interest in playing agility with him, so he has also been learning more agility foundations on his time off. He is pretty much the perfect package, and we are so excited to see him flourish in his role as a mobility dog and dabble in some sports. 

  • Skills being Learned: Light switches, laser pointer retrieve, bracing cues, laundry, agility foundations, nudging feet back onto wheelchair plate
  • Recent Field Trips: University of Alberta, Burnaby campus, dog park
  • Possible Behaviour Challenges: Being the best boy ever!
  • Career Path: Service Dog
  • Advanced Training Location: Calgary

Thank you to everyone who had a role in Taylor’s journey – it wouldn’t be possible without all our amazing sponsors and volunteers!

Submitted by: Amy, Advanced Trainer