Quick-witted Queso has been quality-checked and gotten himself a job! We are so grateful to the fantastic village that prepared him for his client.

  • Breeder Caretaker: Robin Bruder and Ty Brooks
  • Puppy-Raisers: Amy Barnett and Andrew Roberts, Heather Kidd and family
  • Puppy-Sitters:  Amy Barnett and Andrew Roberts
  • Advanced Trainer: Amy Barnett
  • 1st Year Puppy Sponsor:  Mowat Family Fund

We’re incredibly proud of this pup and his village since this is actually Queso’s second job — earlier this year, he completed a short-term breeding rotation with PADS and other Assistance Dogs International Schools! He sired a total of 51 pups now in training at PADS and 13 other Assistance Dogs International Schools.