Quiche and I met for the first time this month, and I immediately fell in love with her. She is amazingly cute and cuddly but also so ready to learn.

Some of the things she has experienced in this first month were walking on different surfaces, meeting all of my 6 grandchildren from 1 – 7 years old, meeting a funny big guy in red with lots of lights and sounds and playing and eating that white cold stuff called snow. She rocked all of these interactions with calm and appropriate reactions.

She goes to work with me in a big high school, and lots and lots of students and staff fell in love with her too. NOT petting her was more of a challenge for the people than it was for her. Having a fire alarm practice in the school and a loud train go by were a little scary but she was able to recover from them quickly.

I am looking forward to giving Quiche lots of learning experiences…she seems like such a smart little lady.

Submitted by: Sheila Sundell