Hi, well, I had no idea that this would be such a busy month. I thought moving was busy lol. Christmas, wow, I didn’t know that it took a lot of time to shop and wrap presents. My human said I was very good in busy areas. Other humans wanted to touch me, and I didn’t respond.

I also went to a ballet recital, and there was very little space, and I didn’t move. My human said I was perfect. She also said that my duration is soo much better as we had a lot of humans and little humans in the house. There were different things in the house. My human said they were decorations, and they were a “leave it” situation. I did great.Β 

My human has a knitting class that we go to every Thursday, but it was different this time, as there were a lot of good smells, but I wasn’t allowed to have any. My human says that I have been doing really well with my duration and letting her have her time. I think it’s because I’m 16 months old. Being 16 months, I also had to visit the animal hospital for my 16-month shot. It didn’t hurt, but it did make me tired for the rest of the day, and I got an extra special treat for doing soo well. I am now 62 lbs, so when I do get a treat, it’s on special days as I need to tone a bit.

I have had a lot of humans being at the house as the little humans were on holidays from school, so extra duration practices and staying calm were very important as we had a new little human.

I hope your Christmas was as lovely as mine. πŸ™‚

Submitted by: Susan Bhogal