Hi, this is Quinn. Did you know that I was 16 weeks already! Wow, I’m growing fast. I went to this thing called walk and talk with my Human to a place called Home Depot. She was talking to another Human and saying things like I was doing well and in good form. Not sure what all the stuff meant, but they made me do tricks like walking on things that made noises and perch on stairs. Funny Humans. I also went on my first field trip, it was to the mall. There were 3 other pups there I really wanted to play with, but they kept us apart because we were working on duration. I’m not sure what that meant, but they had us sitting under tables and on the side where Humans were walking for a long time. I travel in this thing called a car. I like that I’m soo good at it. Anyway, I need to take a nap. This is hard work. Happy Holidays x

Submitted by: Susan Bhogal