Good morning Quinn here again! I am now 15 months old and big and strong. I am about 64 lbs and have had a few treats taken away as I need to refine my figure again. 

I had the opportunity to go to my very first Remembrance Day Ceremony at Confederation Park. I was told that I was very good and respectful.

My human and I had to move again, so there was a lot to do. I was told that I had good duration times when needed as I sometimes needed to stay out of the way.

On Nov 21, I went to a very noisy place called Scotia Barn Ice Rink. My Puppy friends and I had to ignore each other, and I often find that very hard as I do like to play. We practiced walking on different surfaces. There were humans with big sticks and funny shoes, skates and hockey sticks, my human called them. They made lots of noise, but my human said it didn’t bother me and I was very good.

I spent a few days with my human and her family. There were little humans around who I love loads. They are great cuddle-buddies.

When we moved, I learned where my new area was to relax, my kennel is still mine but just in a different place and all my toys came with me. My human said that I am very good at adjusting to new places, which she said is soo good cause she doesn’t want me to stress. As I don’t know what that is, I guess I’m doing pretty well. 

Have a lovely day, and speak soon.

Submitted by: Susan Bhogal