Radar is improving every month, and we are really proud of him! Our 1-year-old puppy can now stay in his kennel in the morning without whining. He can stay for 4 hours at home without a problem, and at school, he goes in his kennel by himself after he’s tired of hearing 5-year-olds play around him. Radar is getting a bit better with his older sister. When he is tethered, he can lie down and be more calm, which is a big win.

He’s a big star at the gym where I workout, and I have a great training buddy now. He will lie down and give me kisses when I take breaks. The best!

Of course, as an adolescent pup, there are new challenges he is working on – for example, sniffing without marking (and letting it all go on “better go”) and not pulling to say hi to other dogs. He is also working on resisting the urge to steal socks and shoes (he runs away with them and gives them back as soon as we take them). Still working on it!

Happy birthday Mister Radar! You are doing great!

The photo is of Radar during his birthday at school! One of the kids looooooves Radar and gave him a bunch of toys for his birthday. 🥰

P.S. That same kid doesn’t understand why Radar is not going to first grade with him since they’re almost done with kindergarten!

Submitted by: Agnes Pang