Radar has been with us for two weeks now. He spent three days in Kindergarten before summer break, and he loved it! He especially loved when the kids had play time – the noise helped him to fall asleep. He didn’t even wake up when the custodian came to vacuum at the end of the day! Radar is a confident and energetic boy, not bothered by the ambulances, trucks, birds, and other noises and sights that are frequent occurrences in Olympic Village. He is quick at learning new skills and enjoys sitting quietly outside and watching the world go by. On our first patio outing, he happily laid down under the table with a chew toy. He is VERY food motivated. Don’t let his sad face fool you – he loves to play, especially with our pet dog, Macca. Thank you to Radar’s breeder caretaker for all the amazing work they did up to the point that he came into our care! 

Submitted by: Agnes