11 months old! We can hardly believe how far this little guy has come.

Radar spent most of March in the hands of some amazing puppy sitters (shoutout to Amanda, Jason, and Annika). It used to be, not so long ago that we would be so thankful for puppy relief from our wonderful PADS sitters. But these days, while we are still undoubtedly grateful to all our sitters, we feel more reluctant to let him go. Despite being in his adolescent months, we find that Radar’s growth is outshining the “forgetfulness” of some of his basic training. Radar has been so good recently at settling at home, at school and in public! To be honest, at some point, we had big doubts that he would be able to settle one day, and now, he is the goodest boy 🙂

Hopefully, we did not jinx it, and adolescence will still be easier than the sharky puppy we had a few months ago!

Submitted by: Agnes Pang