November was a great month for Radar and his mommies! We got to sleep in until 7h30 am! That was a great change from 5 am the whole summer and 6h15 am during the school days…finally!

So now that our eyes are not stuck together from the lack of sleep anymore, we were able to bring Radar on a couple of short adventures. We got the chance to practice recall in the woods with him a couple of times. We went and played in the snow on Mount Seymour, we had food in restaurants, and he even got the chance to go to a PAP test appointment! Everything went well for everybody. πŸ˜‰

Radar is becoming more of a little man, and we quite enjoy it. We now have the cuddles (without the sharp teeth), the sleep-ins (7h30 is a sleep-in right?) and the quick pee outside!

He’s great, and we love him.

Submitted by: Marie-Eve & Agnes