What a busy month it’s been!

Radar started kindergarten in September, and he is a really good student! He didn’t cry on his first day, he didn’t pee and poo in his pants (yet!), and he’s been listening to his mom very well.

His new friends in his class are very well-behaved. They always ask before petting him, and sometimes they get free kisses when they’re crouching to tie their shoes. They always tell him to be a good boy so he can have more kibbles, and they tell him good job when he lays down. Everybody is happy to see each other in the mornings! The other classrooms are a bit jealous, hehe!

And Radar is very tired from everything he’s learning at school, so he takes lots of long naps! He loves the noise (the perfect dog for a kindergarten class). It puts him to bed, so he’s sleeping 4 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The kids are always happy when he wakes up!

Radar is a great addition to my classroom, and everybody loves him! We’re lucky to have him. 🙂

Submitted by: Marie-Ève