Raekin here. I spent 3 weeks with a sitter and her family. The house was busy with people coming and going and we had outings most days but I also had lots of opportunities for naps. Some of the places we went to were – an old people’s home, a high school to watch a basketball game and to watch the students coming and going, a number of different shops, a recreation center, a park with a river and lots of logs to jump on, we went for a walk outside a dog park and watched the dogs running around, 2 ferry boats and I had a play date. The sitter worked some night shifts and so the next day I had extra time to sleep and I did.

Every day I met different people in different places and I was really good about greeting them politely and I never jumped up at them. On the last weekend, we all squeezed into a truck and went on a ferry boat to Vancouver Island and stayed in a cabin by the sea. The beaches were great and I loved to swim in the sea. I’ve discovered that I love swimming.

Submitted by: Jo Brand