Ranger enjoyed all four seasons that this month of April seemed to offer. He loved playing and running around in the snow on snow days and had a blast testing out some cool river water on warm days.

Ranger continues to love to work. He especially seems to enjoy proudly wearing his cape to the grocery store to show off his skills and attention. During one visit, an employee at the store said to me, “Can you bring him around here more often? Even just watching him seems to help me feel less stressed and more calm”.

Ranger continues to work on controlling his excitement when he first meets new people and dogs, but he already seems to be a master at responding appropriately and attentively to human emotions. A couple days ago our daughter got hurt while playing outside and got quite upset. Ranger sat with her and attentively listened to her talk to him and read books to him until she was calm and ready to play again. Recently our son was frightened by a sudden loud alarm that sounded. He was a bit shaken, so sat down next to Ranger and petted him. In a few minutes, he said, “I’m fine now. Ranger helped me”. What an awesome pup!

Submitted by: Shawna Sharp Hays