April has been a fun time with Ranger. He has happily gone on many walks in the beautiful weather. Ranger was happy to jump in a lake to go for a swim and enjoyed sitting on the deck in the sun. It’s incredible to see how much he has calmed down and is ready to work at all times. He continues to love working, whether it is shopping, school drop-offs/pick-ups, or even standing loyally on-site during blood donations. We just received notice that Ranger will be moving on to Advanced Training. Although we will miss him very much, we are excited for Ranger and happy for PADS. He’s a dog that has changed our lives and will make such a big difference in the lives of the people he works with in the future, no matter what his job turns out to be.

As sad as the kids are to let him go, they are cheering him on with words of encouragement for Advanced Training: “You can do it, Ranger!!” We have always known that he is a superpower dog, and he needs to share his superpowers with others. When we received Ranger over a year ago, we were told by his puppy-starters, “Ranger is a gift. He was given to us, and now we are passing him along as a gift to you. Some day you will pass him along as a gift to someone else.” So now that time has come, and we are passing the gift of Ranger on to his advanced trainers and advanced sitters.

We are so grateful for our time with Ranger and all that he has brought to our family. He is such a special pup. Go, Ranger, Go! You can do it! Good luck in Advanced Training!

Submitted by: Shawna Sharp Hays