March 1, 2022 

Happy 2nd Birthday to Ranger!! On February 25, Ranger celebrated his special day with presents, a Happy Birthday dog treat, fun, excitement, and lots of love. 

As much as Ranger’s second birthday is exciting, it’s also bringing us much closer to the reality of him moving on to become a “superpower dog”. He continues to work hard at training and is becoming even more advanced at responding to emotion (if a child is upset, he responds by going to their side), and he is excellent at heels and sides (with a trainer in a chair or standing), perches, pokes, sits and downs. Ranger may always have to work hard at controlling his excitement during greetings because he just loves people so much! 

Ranger had a few new experiences this month. He attended childrens’ swimming lessons and did very well laying down on a towel and watching calmly even though there were so many sounds and interesting activities going on. He even walked alongside his handler going up the ski poma, but wasn’t a fan of attempting to walk in-between the legs of his handler while skiing down. This showed us that as much as the kids would like him to be an avalanche dog, that’s not the career he is going to choose. Throughout the month, Ranger also attended four other family birthday parties, plus his own. He recognizes the Happy Birthday song and knows he’s in for some fun! Happy Birthday to Ranger and to all of the Helicopter Litter!

Submitted by: Shawna