Ranger moved on to a new adventure this month: he is now living with a family that includes two young children. He has adapted very well to the change and is proving to be talented at being patient with children and helping to comfort them when they are upset. He loves hugs and cuddles and the children love to give them. Ranger enjoys many walks as well as Preschool and Kindergarten drop-offs and pick-ups. He is getting used to young people and shows that he is happy to be around everyone.

Ranger is now becoming very experienced with all the sights and sounds of busy Bowness Park: ice skaters, walkers, bikes, construction, squirrels, and the sound of a train are all distractions that Ranger has been challenged with and he is doing great!
We are so happy to have had Ranger join our family this month.

Submitted By: Shawna Sharp Hays