Ranger seems to be enjoying 2022 so far. He has enjoyed lots of running along the snowy edge of the Bowness lagoon behind our house while keeping the pace of one of us while we skate beside him. Ranger continues to love training, working, and his special job of putting the kids to bed and staying with them until they fall asleep. He had another great trip to Fernie, where he did a great job of practicing his guest services skills. However, he began to show a little less excitement about weekly drives to Fernie. So we arranged for him to spend a couple weekends with one of his favourite puppy-sitters, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He’s very excited to go to his sitter but also very happy to come back to us. Ranger is adaptable and seems to get along well with families and living situations. Having more regular puppy-sitting for him will also help our family prepare for eventually passing our gift of Ranger on to someone else.

Submitted by: Shawna