Ranger found some great ways to beat the heat this month. He was always game for very early morning walks before days got too hot and he often went for short swims in the Bowness Lagoon or at the edge of the Bow River. He is now very used to hopping in the paddleboat or jumping onto a paddle board to enjoy an outing on the water. Ranger has also been practicing his skills in air-conditioned stores where he is always quite remarkable with his ability to focus on the task at hand. On a field trip to the Telus Spark Science Centre this month, Ranger enjoyed wandering through all of the exhibits, but he may have sensed danger at the Bed of Nails because he strongly encouraged his people to keep away from that exhibit. Ranger was really engaged in watching the IMAX movie “Superpower Dogs”. We think he recognized that he is a Superpower Dog too.

Submitted by: Shawna Sharp Hays