Ranger spent the weekends with his dog sitter friend hiking, walking, and exploring new areas through the beginning of March. During the week, he spent his time working with trips to grocery stores, libraries and daily training sessions. With warmer temperatures and more signs of birds and other wildlife, Ranger has continued his incredible ability to ignore and show no signs of interest in them. He loves other dogs and loves to say hello but also has a clear understanding of when he is working, and he should stay close. Ranger’s knowledge and skills were showcased in the third week of a Zoom training class, but unfortunately, the next day, he ate a child’s sock, which resulted in medical care. It was pretty incredible to see how the PADS team comes together to take care of their pups. PADS Medical and Calgary staff monitored Ranger, and we were very thankful for the staff who made themselves available to take care of Ranger while we had to go out of town. PADS is truly a community that supports all its members: staff, volunteers and pups! Ranger is doing great now and is happy to have his energy back. He has been enjoying time playing with all of his fun dog friends!

Submitted by: Brad Hays