Hello PADS Village – Reef II here!!! Wow – what an action-packed month August was for me and my hooman. I loved every minute of it.

We did a bit of travelling this month, so I got to try out the Skytrain and Seabus and, best of all, BC Ferries. What a blast that was. We went out on the deck and there were so many smells and people and seagulls – it was hard for me to keep it all together. But my hooman says I did okay. But if I did okay, why did I have to stay in the kennel for the wedding??? My hooman kept saying something about a full bucket. I looked everywhere and didn’t see a bucket anywhere.

The good news is, I’m getting better at napping. My hooman is pretty boring most mornings and doesn’t want to play or walk or anything. So I’ve taken to hanging out under his desk, and if everything is quiet, I usually fall asleep there. My hooman says something about “being lucky to have a dog’s life”!! But I am a dog, so what is he so surprised at? And it’s not like it’s all napping. He takes me out to work on my cues every day!!

Anyway, I’m sending this to you from Summerland where I’ll be for the next couple of weeks while my “hooman” takes a break. And Summerland’s the best, ’cause released PADS Puppy Hebron is here to hang out with me. Let the fun begin!!!

Submitted by: Kevin