January is a very long month, and a lot happened in life with Reef II! January resolutions were actually ‘goals’ and included buses, trains, and boats. YES, to all: longer bus rides; Canada Line 49th & Cambie to Pacific Centre and return; Granville Island Ferry to David Lam Park and return to Granville Island. A Pacific Centre visit provided opportunities to visit the food court and practice ‘go in’ under a table, plus hang around on the 3rd floor among women’s fashions (photos).

Earlier in January, before very cold temperatures hit, there were many off-leash walks in the woods practicing recall (excellent) and luring to pass people without jumping on them and avoid bikes (good progress). (photos).

Reef accepted expectations at a VSO concert at The Chan Centre for the first half of the concert (photo), but it was clear that he wasn’t going to settle for the second half; we left. We’ll try another concert in March.

At a volunteer event at Van City on Broadway, Reef met his brother, Triton (photo). It was questionable whether or not they realized they were siblings.

Classes with other dogs at the Christine Sinclaire Community Centre are most welcome!!!! It is great fun to work with Reef with other dogs present (including his brother Triton); Reef is attentive and responsive (photos).

Visiting the Tsawwassen Mills Mall is always a positive experience–especially with a Starbucks puppaccino on offer (photos).

Introductions in January included “Find it,” which Reef thinks is great fun; durations, which are at present, sit 1 1/2 minutes, down 1 1/2 min., and even stand 12-15 sec. Work continues on ‘chin’ and ‘bed’ with chin down with duration and collar & leash down.

Life with Reef II is filled mostly with very pleasant, positive experiences. Reef has a very strong desire to be with us in our home–he still loves cuddles on my lap and wants to be present wherever we are. Reef’s demand barking for our attention is slowly coming under control and occurs much less than in November or December. We continue to enjoy Reef’s attention and affection.

Submitted by: Sandra