Happiness is yet another PADS puppy! 

Reef II is 4 months & 2 weeks old today (Dec. 1st)! He came to us three weeks ago today. We continue to get to know one another. Oh my, those eyes and that face–especially when tilting side to side while working on understanding. 

Reef has shown many strengths–even for his young age: response to “sit” and “BG” and choosing a bed in the kitchen while we’re working there, kennel duration for naps and night time, settling in the footwell in the car, settling under a table at restaurants + duration while we enjoy dinner, IYC, and a training game, mouse. 

We continue to work on Reef’s demand barking mainly at me for attention, in-house ‘accidents,’ stairs and doorways, and all assigned puppy kindergarten behaviour training. 

Reef is a wiggler during body handling. Reef quickly learned our teeth-brushing routine: he waits patiently and calmly for me to brush my teeth, then comes into the bathroom to have his teeth brushed (photos). He tends to chew on the brush, but progress is being made. 

Reef is attentive and quick to respond during training periods. When a bit tired, Reef enjoys a cuddle (photos)!

Submitted by: Sandra