Hey PADS Village – it’s Reef here. And I’m here to tell you that I have had another amazing month. So in September one of my hoomans was away for a while. But the good news is, I got to spend three weeks in Summerland with my new BFF – Hebron. We had so much fun playing and running around. It wasn’t all fun and games, there was some work too. But I loved every minute of it – and my sitters were so great.

Back in Vancouver and back to work. My hooman says I’m getting better at a lot of things, especially napping and not jumping. They kind of go together, ’cause when I’ve had lots of sleep I don’t get quite so excited. And that makes everyone happy – including me.

Our work this month was mostly cues I’ve already learned, like “here”, “heel” and “side”. I still get the last two mixed up sometimes, and I don’t like to hold them for very long – but my hooman says I’m getting there!!

Submitted by: Kevin