This month was my BIRTHDAY! I’m now a 78lbs one year old. I woke up at my sitter’s house to lots of love and kibble. Returning to the raisers, I was showered in more cuddles and a big boy cookie. You’ll never guess what happened next….. My siblings, the horse colour litter, had a birthday party, and my raisers went WITHOUT ME. How rude! Apparently, I must work on my dog manners before getting to play. They all ended up getting super muddy, so at least I avoided a bath. For my birthday I received a giraffe toy and a very reflective raincoat. I look like I could be in a sci-fi movie when I wear it. 

I had a walk and talk with some PADS trainers, and they were very impressed by my confidence. They gave me lots of tips on how to chill out, and since then, I’ve had more success in settling at home and in public. I’ve done a variety of outings to the library, supermarket and even a university! 

One of the PADS puppy raisers has a method where the pups can only be in the kitchen if they are sitting on a designated mat. It took us a while to hop on the trend, but now I have a white fluffy kitchen mat! I like having such a clear boundary, and it’s really helped me settle in the kitchen even when a lot is going on. 

Remember how I dodged a bath earlier in the month? Well, my raisers decided that it was time for one… I left the bath smelling like a mango. How weird! Next month one of my raisers will be out of school, and I am expecting more library visits. I’ll keep you pupdated! 

Submitted by: Fiona Mak